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Published by Microsoft in 2000, Midtown Madness 2 (MM2) is a free roam racing / arcade sequel to Midtown Madness, which features a range of vehicles and game modes that can be driven around London and San Francisco. With its open and endless nature, MM2 has attracted a huge modding community, aiming to bring the game up to speed and port almost any vehicle imaginable into the game.

In Hong Kong, MM2 is not only a game for racing, it has also been developed as the most popular bus driving simulator in the 2000s. Large number of real-life buses and city addons were released, and players are encouraged to drive in another way like bus captains to follow traffic rules and scheduled timetables. Its popularity among bus enthusiasts makes it a unique modding community.

Microsoft has removed MM2 from its website. For more details, please visit the Midtown Madness 2 Wiki.

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