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Great Grundorf 2

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2014-05-17    Great Grundorf 2
Version: 2.01
Original: OMSI
Modify: FZ6723, GJFT, HA8721
Bus Route: Grundorf Bus Services:
66: South Valley Rail. Station <=> Bus Rally (Circular)
67: Mid-Levels Plaza <=> Ching Lam Estate
67E: Mid-Levels Plaza <=> River Side
68: Mid-Levels Plaza <=> Grundorf Bay
69: River Side <=> Krankenhaus
70: Wah Fu Estate <=> Yat Lam Estate
70E: Container Terminals <=> Grundorf Tunnel Toll Plaza (Circular)
71: Jumbo Garden <=> Bauernhof Rail. Station (Circular)
72: Grundorf Bay <=> Nottingham Court
73: Grundorf Bay <=> Bauernhof
74: Wah Fu Estate <=> Bauernhof
75: Wah Fu Estate <=> Mill Hill (Circular)
76: Bauernhof <=> Krankenhaus (Circular)
77: Krankenhaus <=> Mill Hill (Circular)
78: Grundorf Bay <=> Peninsula Beach
78E: Wah Fu Estate <=> University of Grundorf (Circular)
79: Krankenhaus <=> Peninsula Beach
91: Cemetery of Grundorf <=> Krankenhaus
92: Cemetery of Grundorf <=> Grundorf Bay
93: Cemetery of Grundorf <=> Mid-Levels Plaza
94: Cemetery of Grundorf <=> River Side
P1: Hong Shing Port <=> Nottingham Court
P2: Hong Shing Port <=> Mid-Levels Plaza
P3: Hong Shing Port <=> River Side
N67: Ching Lam Estate <=> River Side
N68: South Valley Rail. Station <=> Bauernhof Rail. Station (Circular)
N73: Grundorf Bay <=> Krankenhaus

Grundorf Airport Bus Services:
A1: Airport Ground Transportation Centre<=> Bauernhof
A2: Airport Ground Transportation Centre<=> Grundorf Bay
A3: Airport Ground Transportation Centre<=> South Valley Hospital
A4: Airport Ground Transportation Centre<=> Hong Shing Port
E1: Grundorf Expo <=> Airport Maintenance Area
E2: Grundorf Expo <=> Bauernhof Rail. Station (Circular)
E3: Grundorf Expo <=> River Side
What's new in Vesion 2.01: Version 2.01:
1. fixed bugs (e.g. invisible pedestrians and sound breaking off)
2. added missing object files
3. improved road signs and bus stop announcements
4. updated user manual
5. OMSI 2 supported
(Errors may occur since the map was made for OMSI 1)

Please don't forget downloading ALL ESSENTIAL FILES below and extracting all the files inside to the OMSI root directory correctly.

  Essential Files

DOWNLOAD: Main file
DOWNLOAD: KMB Dennis Enviro400 (made by Winsome)
DOWNLOAD: Toyota Hiace
DOWNLOAD: Toyota Echo Verso

  Other Files

DOWNLOAD: Map of the city
DOWNLOAD: User Manual
DOWNLOAD: OMSI 2 Patch (Server 1)


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Video: Great Grundorf v.2 City Preview

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Video: Great Grundorf v.2 ( Route Introduction part 2 )

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